Dr. Sami I. Shahhal, D.D.S.

Dr. Sami I. Shahhal, D.D.S.

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Dr. Sami I. Shahhal, D.D.S.
San Diego Dentist
Dr. Sami I. Shahhal, D.D.S. appreciates the importance of education within the dental community & especially with his patients. Upon graduation from UCLA School of Dentistry, Dr. Shahhal created a video/photo platform to highlight some of his dental services. These videos give a visual to teach our patients the importance of oral hygiene & other facets of dentistry

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My life long passion for dentistry originates from the scientific doctrines emphasized by my loving parents who have worked in the medical / dental community. My father & mother constantly emphasized the concepts of integrity, empathy & respect throughout my academic career. A close connection with my mother harvested an admiration for the dental profession. It was obvious that her ability to be a constructive source in an individual’s life was deeply rewarding. This feeling was reciprocated through the immense loyalty and respect each patient had for her practice.

At UCLA School of Dentistry, I continually sought to expand my depth of knowledge within dentistry. I was fortunate to serve a wide variety of patients providing a variety of services. Furthermore, I have been fortunate enough to serve various leadership roles throughout my tenure at the school:

  • UCLA Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity – President
  • UCLA American Student Dental Association – Vice President
  • UCLA Student Professionalism & Ethics Association – Vice President
  • R25 NIH Academic Track – Associate Researcher
  • Basic Dental Principles – Academic Student Lecturer
  • UCLA Honduras Mission Trip – Academic Volunteer
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I believe these roles have given me insight into the intricacies within dentistry & the ever evolving scope of practice. Dentistry is constantly evolving as updated research provide an abundance of information each day . At our practice, we strive to stay current in providing the highest quality dental care for our San Diego community.

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